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KALViCK eSecurity Solutions Group

KALViCK® eSecurity Solutions

KALViCK eSecurity Solutions is an offering under KALViCK Technologies’ E-Empowering Solutions’ Realm delivered by KALViCK eSecurity Group.

KALViCK eSecurity Solutions Group delivers total security system integration solutions covering eAccess, eAlarm eSurveillance offerings, which include Premises’ Access Control / Time Attendance, Intrusion Safety & Security Alarms, Video Surveillance with IP & Analog CCTV Cameras, DVRs & NVRs.

You can also count on us for a custom / vendor independent integration solution from the major brands in this industry, in addition to KALViCK’s eSecurity product Offerings.




Electronic Access Control compliments CCTV in providing any premises with the ability to control who is entering their premises, track who is on their premises and in which area. Similarly Time & Attendance tracking is an essential part of any business for safety, security and efficiency. Our Access Control and Time & Attendance systems are based on the llatest RF and Biometric technology, integrated with our functionally rich & powerful software, with ERP & HRMS interfaces to deliver an Excellent Hi-Value, ensuring Security and Reliability.Access Control, Time Attendance, Payroll - more details :: http://eaccess.kalvick.com

Electronic Alarming Systems comprises of Intrusion / Burglar Alarms, Fire & Gas Safety Alarms. Typical Components of such systems are Control Panel, Intrusion Sensors, Sirens, Keypads, Motion Sensors, Magnetic Door Sensors, Active Infrared Perimeter Beam Sensors, Slim Line Barrier Curtain Sensors in both wired & wireless versions and the alarming communication using GSM & DSP technologies for data transmission and voice platform with units like Phone Dialer, LAN Communicators, SMS Messaging, Pagers, GSM Dialers & Hooters. Thus, Protection against intruder, theft, plundering, gas leaking and fire. Intrusion, Fire, Burglar Alarms  - more details :: http://ealarm.kalvick.com

Electronic Surveillance is CCTV, Video Surveillance and IP Video. IP (Internet Protocol) technology is being used in video surveillance / CCTV systems -- the use of computers to capture, record and transmit video. Here, Video is being used to surveill, i.e. to watch, the activities of an area. Cables are used for transmitting surveillance video; Wireless video is often used to deploy cameras in places where laying cable is problematic. Use of IP or Analog Cameras, over LAN or WAN at what resolution, frame rate/ CODEC or TVLs are some factors of an efficient eSurveillance. Video Surveillance  - more details :: http://esurveillance.kalvick.com


Call: +91-7708837879; +91-7708837884

mailto:e-mail esecurity@kalvick.com


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